So... Im officially starting my Brow Lounge Blog today! Where do I start? The Brow Lounge its All About the Brows so I guess I'll start there. Our journey into the Brow World started about 15 years ago in Los Angeles, CA where we were introduced to the idea of creating the perfect brow? What??? Now we have to perfect our eyebrows....great another thing to add to my beauty maintenance regime! But...WOW, what a difference! I can't believe we never did this before, it actually changes the appearance of our eyes and sets the tone for our face, this is amazing. For those of you who have yet to embark on the Brow Journey, let me tell you that it is a definite must. You cannot go without having your eyebrows sculpted today, its like getting your haircut or brushing your teeth or wearing deodorant! If your brows aren't shaped correctly for your face, people will notice!!! And please, make sure you go to someone who is trained to sculpt eyebrows and not just wax or thread unwanted hairs until there's nothing left. @TheBrowLounge we have repaired so many bad waxing and threading jobs and its just NOT RIGHT to work anywhere around the brow area if you are not trained specifically to sculpt them. Today its about full, natural brows, slightly tinted for a pop and perfectly shaped to support the structure of your face. So that means if we have to spend 4 months growing them into their perfect shape, then thats what we have to do. @TheBrowLounge we take eyebrow sculpting very seriously so feel free to contact us in regards to any questions or concerns you have prior to embarking on your Brow Journey. We are here to guide you down the path of Brow Enlightenment....after all we do consider ourselves The Arch Angels:)

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